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The location

You decide on a large number of guests but want to keep the costs down. Arrange to hire a hall with a contract caterer, provide your guests a buffet meal and have a disco afterwards. If you have a large enough garden you can hire a marquee and independent caterer but don’t forget the toilet arrangements.

To make this work get married in the afternoon and provide a buffet at two different times. That way everyone is ready for the food when it comes. The party can go on into the early hours of the next day.

Pick the photographer for you

You decide on a lavish reception with great photography no expense spared it’s your day and your going for it. Arrange to hire a Wedding and Events Planner and leave the arrangements to them. There’s nothing else for you to do except have a wonderful day.

You may have other ideas. Whatever you decide discuss all aspects of the day with the bill payer. If that’s you and your partner decide on a budget and stick to it. Remember when you return from your honeymoon you will have a home to run and probably a car to pay for and a job to return to.


If it’s the bride’s parents who are planning and paying discuss all the options and don’t be afraid to ask what budget they have set aside. Never go into great debt for your wedding nor cause the brides parents to go into debt. A little debt to make a special day even better that doesn’t place a great burden on the brides parents or the couple and can be managed away over a few months is acceptable; but be careful, you can get carried away and the costs can mount up.

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